First Call for Brotherhood

A few years ago I went on a solo road trip.

As “luck” would have it, I discovered a group of my friends were going to be in Moab, UT for vacation during my trip – a place I was already planning to visit alone.

As I was out camping in New Mexico, one of my friends reached out to see if I could pick him up in Scottsdale, Az on the way to Moab.

I picked him up and truly appreciated the natural respect, open sharing, and bonding that occurred on our way North.

Meeting up with the rest of the group was a different story though.

This friend changed his behavior around the other group. The male patriarchal pack mentality and sunk its sharp teeth into his tongue.

Bonding was replaced by distancing from me. Sharing was replaced by “ball busting” in front of the group. Respect was replaced by some general, misdirected anger.

As a bold and also sensitive guy who longs for deeper connection and conversation on a personal level, I was disappointed.

Some men get the benefit of opening up to one close friend, but not too often a group.

Most men will instead only open up to their lady, if they do at all. And if they have one.

My issue is this:

If we know there we have personal life issues that we can share with one person, how can we ever expect to alleviate the burden of them if we have to hide them as soon as we are among groups again?

This is the importance of having Male tribe. Of building a bridge between patriarchal expectations of Men and Truth – that we have mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves that need to be supported.

A community of Men where you are safely supported by other Men to get down to the truth of what ails men.

Not Men seeing who can be the bigger boss in a group.

A group that celebrates uniqueness as well as equality.

Holding an open space in the heart to let the truth flow from Men’s hearts and minds is what is really needed.

Call to action:

I have a Men’s Group forming this summer.

We meet every Monday night!

If you want to join and get in on the ground floor, read more below:


Are you searching for more out of life but don’t know what to seek?

If you’re feeling bored with the same old schedule and routine, it may be time to shake things up a bit.

Trying new things has been demonstrated to increase our level of self-awareness, financial independence, relationships, and overall health.

For all the Men experiencing boredom, for those ready for a change in how you use your free time, and for Men searching for more out of life – I invite you come find a sense of exploration by joining me for a new themed event every week for Men’s Brotherhood Support Group.

What to expect:
• A 10 min warm-up of Breathing exercises and Body movement
-An eye opening presentation of real life challenges Men face and unique solutions to soothing them
-A writing exercise to explore a deeper understanding of your personal life
• The opportunity to share and receive support for your real life challenges
• Suggested “Homework” to implement lasting change in your personal life

What to bring: an open mind, pen, and notebook
Facilitator: Eric Rosen
Location: Zoom
Cost: Free
Access the online event here:

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