Viking Rising Men’s Brotherhood

A 6 Week Online Group Coaching Program

Come break out of emotional jail to
pursue your true desires in life.

Meets once a week on Thursday’s
90 min sessions.
8pm - 9:30pm CT
Investment is $749.00
Only 10 spots available
Meet & Greet: JULY 18th
1st Session: JULY 18th

Bring your Spirit back to Life. Face Your Shadow. Reach your Goals

By the end of this 6 Weeks, you’ll be able to Love more of the Man in the mirror. This Love is catalyst to your true potential in life. In yourself, your relationships, career, wealth, and health.

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Is this Group right for you?

Are you experiencing challenges in your marriage / relationship?

Settling for less in your Career?

Feeling bad about how you show up as a Dad at times?

Having issues focusing?

Do you have a vice you feel ashamed of?

Feeling unsatisfied in life?

Learning a lot of new things to help yourself but you’re not executing?

Staying in a struggling marriage or relationship just because it’s easier to stay?

If you answered Yes to anyone of these - we should talk to find out in joining a Brotherhood of Men for Group coaching can offer you solutions.

How do we solve these seemingly complex issues?

There is a root to every challenge faced in life. Oftentimes these roots trace back to the earlier years in life: childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.

Being the ambitious badass Man that you are, you likely forged a trail ahead of success, meeting your goals in life. Not slowing down to let the stuff in the past swamp you down.

You’re older now - and for some reason, The approach to life and the wins aren’t fully satisfying anymore…you’re looking for more.

You’re noticing With each move forward in life there are new challenges that arise.

Like a car that has warning lights on the dash board flicker on as soon as you go over 20 mph, you’re wondering “how can I experience life in a meaningful way while pursuing my goals.”

Those answers lie at the abyss of the Hero’s journey.

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The call to adventure, you’re reading right now.

I’m the Mentor at the threshold, willing to lovingly support you on your journey.

The other Men will be there to help in compassionate support as well.

The goal is to take you to a transformation of death and rebirth, where the original wounding occurred within you that led to your current issue / life circumstances.

Once you reclaim the power here from the story / trauma that you felt you had to give away, you can atone for how life has went since this happened.

You can forgive, heal, and return with your Truth - the solution to the mystery of the challenge you have been wanting to solve in life.

Held in loving support of other Men, you will feel safe and empowered to own the courage in your heart to do what you know you need to do to live a deeply satisfying life….while still allowing ease and grace as your learn along the way.

The Man that leads with courage is a role model and mentor our children need.

He’s the Man your wife, girlfriend, or future girlfriend has been waiting for.

He’s the Man that authentically leads from the depths of his soul in his business and community.

To get to this place, we will use this Men’s Group to move the energy needed to get you there.

After practicing a sense of mastery each week on a new topic relevant to common issues Men face, each man will be invited to open up to share the depths of his mental and emotional experience as much as he feels comfortable.

It’s in that space of vulnerability that the magic of the Heroes journey can play it’s great melody.

By upgrading your vibration and clarity through each coaching call and integrating with homework, you upgrade your abilities to create a masterful sense of Self, Purposeful Career, Marriage / Relationship, Fatherhood, Legacy, and more.

The curriculum

(Theme & Order subject to change)

The Motherwound: Overcoming Emotional abandonment

The Fatherwound: Overcoming Programmed Shame

The Inner child-wound: Let the rugrat out to play again

Establish your Identity: Strengthen your resolve for Life

Relationship Challenges: Return of the Man

Leadership / Legacy: Career meets Life Purpose

We will meet once a week for 90 minutes.

I will lead each session, introducing the weekly theme after a “warm-up” round of breathwork, guided mediation, and /or body movement.

After teaching the weekly theme, we will move into a practice to integrate the theme. Afterwards we will have plenty of space for shares and reflections from each Man.

Homework for Integration of the teachings and practices will be assigned each week.

This is a Men’s Coaching Group…that doubles as Brotherhood because of the non-judgmentmental space space we create together .

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Why a Men’s Group during this time?

A have two answers.


The #1 Safest Investment on the Planet right now is in yourself.

In an uncertain economy and government climate, what you can rely is your unique skill set that serves a common need of others.

That skill during times of instability is an expression of Evolved Conscious Leadership.

Leadership that is the premier role modeling of taking care of your Loved ones, servicing your community, and being a wise steward of your time on this planet to leave this place behind better for future generations.

It’s not the kind of leadership you can fake. It’s not one where you can feel one way inside and act incongruent with that on the outside.

In order to be that guy, deep wounds will need to be healed. You’ll have to bring your raw parts to this group to be renewed so you can recover a lost sense of your joy, innocence , and passion for life.

When you agree to heal your central nervous system that has stored energy keeping you from feeling truly calm and centered in life, you create the stability within yourself most will keep searching for on the outside to feel safe. “The Captain is Calmest during the Storm.”

When you invest the energy into yourself to heal, to explore and refine your hidden spiritual talents and skill sets under the old beliefs that make you unique as Leader, you bring a whole new level of value to the ones you love.

The extent to which you can bring your unique skill set to your community is the extent to which your community will thrive during times of uncertainty.

This skill set we will uncover throughout this 12 week container comes from within you. It’s natural to you.

It’s the Masculine Leader in you waiting to emerge.


Because there are uncertain times ahead.

We need something solid to rely on.

Do you know what that is?

Each other.

Community support.


As Men share, grow, and evolve into this group, we are planting the seeds to develop lasting connections.

The sky isn’t even the limit after graduating Week 6 for what can be created.

The stepping stones along the way is to put the effort in while creating natural bonds with other Men.

The first stepping stone: Accepting how much the world needs Evolved Masculine Leader in their Zone

The second step: Book your free discovery session to apply

Meet Eric

Eric Rosen was always a highly motivated, ambitious young man growing up - feeling he had something to prove to those that bullied. Upon becoming a single Father, he began to realize how much of his goal orientation in life was motivated by the shame of not being good enough. Once he realized he never had to prove anything to anyone, he authentically began expressing himself in ways he could only imagine before. With a decade of dedicated soul searching and service to others, Eric aims to share the insight he has learned to help others along their journey of finding passion in life.

Eric is a #1 International Best Selling Author, Men’s Coach, and Shaman. He speaks publicly to inspire Men to free themselves from the emotional jail of shame to pursue true purpose and passion in life. He facilitates 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching, and Workshops for guys that are looking to courageously overcome perceived limitations of the mind.

You can learn more about Eric in his collaborative book “Shift with Intention and Soar: A Guide to Manifesting your Best Life”

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