The World needs the divine masculine

There is a growing popularity of Men’s Groups in the World. The ones that integrate the nurturing, emotional, intuitive, and protective aspects are the ones that will help change the way we live.

Men with purpose

The majority of Men I interact with have a drive to achieve but come to me with a lack of clarity and energy that is plaguing their days.

These Men have integrity and always know how to show up to help their loved ones – but inside they are feeling depleted.

They have been carrying some heavy burdens in life.

It’s a societal sign of strength to hold onto the heartaches these burdens cause by repressing how they are actually feeling inside. It’s equally unacceptable by society’s standards for Men to talk about it with anyone.

This false definition of strength is debilitating for Men’s mental and physical health. It effects the well-being of the entire family and its belief is passed down from generation to generation.

The avoidance of facing and unloading these burdens without the support of anyone is creating Masculine Shame – the silent killer of joy, compassion, intimacy, and passion for life.

But what if we started talking about Men’s shame instead of avoiding it? What would that do for the world?

In my vision, it would

*Create lasting inner happiness and purpose regardless of status, money, and achievement

*Allow Men to work and create in ways that light their soul up
*Create deeper Brotherhood Bonds

*Create deeper intimacy with their Romantic partners

*Create meaningful connection with their children

*Pass along newfound inner wisdom to future generations

*Solve the majority of social and political issues

*Create a future where children are allowed to discover and master their own magic in safe environments

If you’re a Man that wants to trade in the burdens of shame for freedom and fulfillment while paving the way for future generations, I’m here to guide you to your unique role in a purpose bigger than any one Man.

Stay posted for upcoming Announcements for my online Men’s support Group starting June 2022


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