The Chase

As Men, we are facing an impossible race that seems like it can’t be won.

You know the one.

The Rat Race….always looking for more, but not slowing down to get clarity on what is motivating us to get there.

But do you know about the hidden rat race? The one that keeps you distracted, running from your emotions?

Distractions like food, porn, drugs, alcohol, relationship patterns, social media, tv, and more.

Emotional discomfort like sadness, apathy, frustration, anger indifference, anxiety, depression, and more.

Both the rat race and the hidden rat race keep us on a loop – in chaos – not sure where we are going and / or why we are going there.

Maybe you think you know where you are going – but do you know why you want it?!

To understand the where and the why, we first need to explore the emotional disturbances – and learn to starve the distractions that sabotage us from leaning into them.

In exploring these areas, you might find debilitating grief, patterns of excess, and deep fear is hiding here.

Through exploration, you can:

  1. Get out of the rat race
  2. Get a clear vision on where you want to lead your life
  3. Close the deficit of where you are at now and where you want to be, in all areas of life
  4. Ensure your happiness and longevity as your move forward in life
  5. Learn to Love every step of life again

Sound good?

Like really, REALLY good?

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