Let Your Emotions Guide You

With everything going on in the world, there are only 2 forms of control:

  1. Your perspective
  2. Your emotions

Personally I’m a bigger fan of starting with emotions.

Most advocate for dealing with the perspective lens you look through first, because there is more control here.

Seemingly, anyway.

Emotions on the other hand – the only control is to allow them to happen through saying yes to surrender as they want to be expressed.

By choosing to suppress them – they end up controlling you – and subconsciously rendering your perspective useless.

Your emotions are the life raft. Your perspective is which way you look out into the ocean. You’re still on the raft no matter where you look.

Stick with me here 🙏❤️

Our minds – whether we acknowledge it or not – are linked together. My thoughts affect this collective consciousness, as does yours.

The thoughts that invoke powerful emotion are the strongest contributors to this collective mind.

So if your emotions are suppressed negative ones, your thoughts that are sponsored by these emotions continuously leak into the hive mind.

And that is why we move forward as a collective based on where we are at emotionally.

Your emotions can be drowning in the sorrows of the past – or they can link you to Infinite, creative, imaginative potential.

Your thoughts on the other hand are a Sears catalog of what it thinks is only possible. And if the thoughts are connected to past suppressed emotions, there isn’t much goodness on those pages. It’s hard to see beyond grief.

This thing I’m talking another is relevant, now. NOW.

Years and YEARS of toxic burdens of rensentment, anger, sadness, grief, are all getting flushed to the surface like a white head on a pimple that has been sprouting since 1856, the last time we saw Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun all in Pisces together.

For the gentle release of the past 165 years of us judging each other for our actions instead or processing our own suppressed emotions we project….

…And so we can be empathetic towards each other as we go through these uncomfortable changes on our Earth, do this:



Have compassion.

Ask to process the stored emotions in your body.

You have the power to do that.

They don’t hurt you.

Neither does the people that seemed to have caused you pain.

Running, hiding, suppressing them does.

There isn’t a single thing in this world worth damning.

The sooner we understand that, the sooner we stop feeling ashamed.

Ashamed of our bodies.

Ashamed of our appearance.

Ashamed of our bank accounts.

Ashamed of mistakes (harder lessons in disguise)

Ashamed of how we treat our children.

Ashamed of how we are really feeling.

Ashamed of what we are really thinking.

Once our hands are cleaned of shame, we can stop hiding from each other.

Oh holy, HOLY Truth are we in for an amazing show when as that happens.

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