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Hey y’all (we say that in the Midwest). I’m Eric Rosen, Spiritual Guide and re-covering guru.

Why a recovering guru? Because the truth is, you already have the answers. You know what you want out of life deep down. I’m here to remind you of what the is. I’m not here to tell you how to live.I am here to invite you though to go on the extraordinary journey of realizing the courage, joy, and Purpose in each of your heart beats, thumping to what you personally value.

To do that, we have to be ok dancing with our fears. Sometimes we step on the toes as we are learning, and that’s fine. The point is love the missteps as much as the steps forward, and to never give up. To shine like a lighthouse even in the dark. I do this daily in my Spiritual pursuits of creating a better world for the future generations that will come after me.

So, in the words of Mr. Rogers - “won’t you be my neighbor?” and help usher in this new world for the better? We need Divine Masculine Men like you, young and older, ready to lead the charge.

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Learn the specific life strategy unique to you for trusted, effective decision-making and an overall better understanding of what makes you unique as a person


Use ancient astrology as map and compass for moving through your personal challenges to meet your big goals.

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Create your ideal healthy lifestyle using a unique tailored for your system I’ve developed to keep you on track to meet your goals in life

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Meet Eric

Eric Rosen was always a highly motivated, ambitious young man growing up - feeling he had something to prove to those that bullied. Upon becoming a single Father, he began to realize how much of his goal orientation in life was motivated by the shame of not being good enough. Once he realized he never had to prove anything to anyone, he authentically began expressing himself in ways he could only imagine before. With a decade of dedicated soul searching and service to others, Eric aims to share the insight he has learned to help others along their journey of finding passion in life.

Eric is a #1 International Best Selling Author, Men’s Coach, and Shaman. He speaks publicly to inspire Men to free themselves from the emotional jail of shame to pursue true purpose and passion in life. He facilitates 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching, and Workshops for guys that are looking to courageously overcome perceived limitations of the mind.

You can learn more about Eric in his collaborative book “Shift with Intention and Soar: A Guide to Manifesting your Best Life”

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